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Article by Roberto Fuzzy
Staff writer
Man in his best years (you know, for men the best years last and last and last). Writer, beer drinker, interested in anything cool and nothing whatsoever.
Those who are planning to relocate for a long time, for example a year, should take into consideration lots of things and not forget anything. Here are some tips for you to follow, so that you will have time to think about everything.

Traveling abroad is one thing, and you always look at it with traveler’s eyes, but moving abroad and living there is a bit different, and here you should change the perspective to get best out of your experience.

Planning is a key. The prep-work can save you lots of time and efforts on your way to making a new life. Make a strict plan of what you have to do before you are settling – this will give you a peace of mind for later actions.

Go on a little vacation. If you have a job offer from another country, don’t stick to it at once – try it beforehand. Take couple days off and visit the city you are considering to make a home. Get familiar with the city and streets, see how you feel there and try to imagine your life there, what are the people leaving there and whether you will be able to fit in the life in the city. This way you will be able to have a better knowledge of what you should do – go there, or wait for some other offer and opportunity.

Make lists. One of the worst things you can figure out after you’ve arrived to your destination is that you’ve forgotten to take something. When planning a year away from home, there are a lot of things you should remember about and take with you, and making lists will help you save the nerves, time and money. Among the lists you should do are the list of documents you need to have, the list of things to pack with you, contracts to cancel, valuables you have and what you need to do with them, moving companies you wanted to contact and things you needed to throw away from your current home.

Pack light. One of the toughest parts of moving is stuff, and getting your piano to 5000 kilometers away from home is not the best decision. Make sure you pack only the things you really need, and be easier on parting with things that are dreaded.

There are lots of people who change countries and continents frequently, and they are true advocates of light traveling. Learn from their experience – make a list of things you want to take, and then edit it, so that only the most needed things are left.

Find a wingman. The basic needs you will have to cover when you move is housing, food and healthcare, and you can find a local to help you figure these out, or your company can provide you with someone if you ask them about it. Having someone to help will ease your life and release you from need to research health policies and the list of local real estate agents.

Talk with people in the company and ask where they live. Try to stay close to the city center, but ask as well about some vivid neighborhoods. Find out where people usually shop, where and how often they go out, and how the working day in the company looks like.

Use the Internet. When you are planning on moving to another country, the Internet is an indispensable thing for you. You can learn a lot about the place you want to go to, find out what places of interest, attractions, schools, hospitals and other places there are. If you go to a Canada, for example, you can also find some classifieds on the Internet to find a place to live, a job and many other different stuff.

Find balance. Your new residence should feel like home and be cozy and welcoming, and you need to make a little effort to make it so. The process is usually a lot of fun, and it includes getting some beautiful art for walls, filling bookshelves with your favorite authors, getting some nice bed covers and carpets, and any other details that will decorate the rooms of your new residence. Photos of your beloved ones, things you’ve been keeping for years will melt together with the new stuff bought in your new life and together will turn the house into a real home.

Be positive. Keeping a positive attitude towards everything while being in another country may sound pretty hard, but it is not impossible in fact. Keeping in touch with your family and beloved ones, going out and making friends, listening to your favorite music and not complaining about your new life will help you cope with the state of blue that can ruin your first weeks of staying in the country.

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