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Atheist nightmare - banans prove the exitsence of god

Published under Entertainment

Article by Jay Gory
Someone asked on answers website the following question - "Is the banana unambiguous proof that God exists?". The proof asked about can be seen here -

Before going on, I want to point out the best answer chosen by voters - "Yes, Kirk has a lot of experience handling banana-shaped objects." Shame on you all! How can you make such assumptions? How can you be sure that it was Kirk and not God Almighty who took Kirk's form to show us the truth? Think before you talk! Then again, yes, banana shaped objects are nice and....handy?

Of course, allegedly the man, Kirk Cameron, publicly apologized for the statements that he made. The reason for the apology? He apologized for not being aware that the modern banana is actually a "domesticated" banana and has been modified by man to be that way. He didn't apologize for being the weird creepy he actually seems to be.

And as a punchline, I want to leave you with a comment someone made -

"Monkeys are used by Satan to make us question bananas. Which everyone knows rained from heaven when Moses lead the Israelites across the wilderness."

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