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Article by Jay Gory
In movies almost always the good wins the bad, the bullies get what they deserve and the geeks become the man-models everyone is dreaming about. But what's the reality like?

True, if you want to start talking about geeks named Bill Gates and alike, I can't say or do anything to stop you. However, it might turn out that it's actually an exception.

Based on a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, popularity in high school pays off. So based on the movies, where most of the popular kids are kind of arseholes with limited brain power, bullying the other ones, will end up working at the car wash, the reality might be somewhat different. They get a raise instead!

The study released on Monday shows that the top 20% of the high school popularity pyramid will actually make 10% more than their bullied friends even 40 years later.

As an explanation, the authors of the study suggest "innate personality trait."

We're all aware that movies tell us only part of the truth, sometimes none at all, yet, the results of this study come as a surprise to many.

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