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Opening Your Mind, Again?

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Article by Siim Einfeldt
If I say I'm an internet entrepreneur, it doesn't really say much. I like to think of myself as a Professional Wannabe!
The Problem
When I was still in high school, or even just a bit before that, I used to have my own personal slogan - EIP. In my version EIP stood for Everything Is Possible. Of course, even back then I understood that while the statement is more than just true, there still are exceptions, limits to the truth in it. For example, if you wanted to become an Olympics medalist in swimming and you wanted to do it tomorrow, there's no way you can do it. But all truths, all rules have their exceptions. The main point of my usual thinking pattern was that there is no limit to what you can do and you can do pretty much everything you want to. Everything Is Possible.

To this day I agree with the slogan, statement, or whatever else you'd like to call it, some of you probably want to call it a delusion, but that's already another story.

However, even though I still agree with it very much, I have come to realize that the years have done their own job and even though I still think EIP, I can't really act on it. I've seen how things work in the world, I've seen what works and what doesn't, I've established certain behavior patterns, I've established certain thinking patterns, certain truths for myself I can't get out of. And all that *knowledge* and built-in and thought-through mind connections are doing the opposite to what I'd like them to do. My unconsciousness is not saying EIP anymore. My unconsciousness is affecting my consciousness to say that maybe yes, EIP, but only IF. IF you have enough money, IF you have enough time, IF you have the necessary contacts, IF you're not too fat, IF you're...well, you get the point. And even if you do try to do something new, you still get into the situation where you try to do it the same way you're used to doing things.

And that's the problem. That's not the way you are able to

1. come up with a new idea
2. have belief in it
3. try to realize it in a different way
4. have belief in it

The Why
At this point some of you might be thinking - why would you want to change the thinking at all? I mean, if you know how things work, if you know what to expect, if you have the information, why would you want to go back to square one at all?

The thing is that the knowledge says only what has worked for me in the past and what I've heard from or read by others. It doesn't allow to think innovative enough, it doesn't let me brake the barriers. It doesn't let me explore new things in the right way. And the *knowledge* can often be wrong, as I realized when I started my first venture. The knowledge was provided to me by people around me, everyone who said it can't be done.

Without getting into details, I did what everyone said was not possible. Simply because I didn't know or believe that it's not possible. And by the end of the day, it was possible. And that's exactly the state I'd like to get back to - "I didn't know or believe that it's not possible". Only in present tense.

The Theory
I have thought a lot about amnesia. Well, not a lot and not specifically about amnesia, but knowing what I know now, which in reality is a lot that I wouldn't like to *know*, I'd like to make a reboot to my brain. So to forget about all experiences within the past 10 years, to forget all the *know-how*, just for the sake of exploring new things without getting blocked by my mental barriers. And don't get me wrong, the last ten years have been good. But it has connected too many wires in my brain, wires that I'd rather like to disconnect.

Amnesia, well, not so possible, neither is it a really great idea. But the basics remain the same, I know it's possible to make a restart to your brain. It's not as fast as the restart for a new Mac OS, rather the restart might take as long as some versions of Windows take to do a restart back to safe mode, months.

But how could it be done? How could you change your unconsciousness? And that's exactly the problematic part here. Having done some research about it, having found a lot of crap (or is that just my unconsciousness saying that again?) and some things that seem to make sense (again?), here are things that *could* be worth looking into. That is, without any brain surgeries, chemicals or MMA.

The Solution?
Yes, there's a question mark, as these are just ideas, options, possibilities we could and should all explore.

Simple ways of breaking your thinking patterns (short term):
  • Challenge assumptions. Ask, why you assume this outcome when doing that?
  • Reword the problem. Instead of asking, how can you get more people to buy your product, ask how could you sell your product for more money to the customers you already have. Or how to minimize your expenses. Or ...
  • Think in reverse. How could you make things worse instead of better? Just to make you think!
  • Randomize. Think about a problem/question and try to connect it with a random word, book, item. See what theories and connections you can come up with.
  • Ask children. Okay, you could ask someone else as well, people you know, people who know about the topic, but...ask children and young people. They have the freshest look into things!

    While these are mainly short-term solutions, doing them often enough might influence your long-term thinking as well.

    Road to long terms changes
  • Talk to people. People you don't know. Of course, choose the right venue. The right venue isn't a bar where fights are frequent. And by talking I mean more connecting. As they say, talking is silver, listening is gold. Making such new connections helps you broaden your mind as well as make new contacts.

  • Change your habits, knowingly. Change your morning routine; eat and drink different things; visit places you've never visited before; change your usual walking routes. Just to try out new things and new versions of things. Keep it fresh!

    "Our experiences and previous perceptions have a profound effect on how the data is digested./.../ To be successful using creative thinking, it is key for you to understand this concept – that the same raw data looks different for different people./.../ When problem solving, stop and ask yourself if you are jumping to a conclusion too quickly. Think about whether you are trying to make it fit a mindset or pattern that’s familiar to you. Consider whether it should fit the old pattern or suggest something new." ("Sly As a Fox" - Mark L. Fox)

  • Always try to keep your mind working. When waiting, when running, when doing anything that usually wouldn't require your mind to work. Calculate, memorize things. Challenge yourself. The more challenging the task, the better. And think how problems of others could be solved, differently. The solution doesn't have to work. The task is just to consider options. The fancier, the weirder the solutions, the better.

  • Challenge your belief system. Start asking questions. Why do you think something should be done only this way, why do you believe in it? Why do you believe in god? Or why you don't? Challenge yourself.

  • Exercise! It helps you calm down your mind, reduce stress, and also come up with new thoughts and ideas. Don't stick to just one thing, try doing different exercises, from weird eye movements to why not, surfing. Pushing your limits is good. Whether with real physical stuff or something like solving a Rubik's Cube.

  • Stop doing certain things for couple of days or couple of weeks. For example, if you're used to watching a lot of TV or tv shows from your computer, quit it for a week and see what happens. Replace this activity with new things. You can always come back to it later, if you want to.

  • Learn things you have no idea about. Or even what you think you'd hate. Learn about different religions, different ways to boil the potatoes, different ways to park your car, or what EXACTLY happens to the pets taken to the shelter. Or just take up Cantonese language. Or why not drawing?

  • Learn things you actually don't need or haven't got any need for. Things like reading backwards or doing things blindfolded.

  • Do things that take you out of your comfort zone. This means doing things you'd prefer not to do, things that you're afraid of doing.

  • Don't judge. Instead, try to understand people different than you. What makes them tick? What makes them think the way they do, what makes them believe in things that are totally ridiculous to you?

  • Calm Your Mind. Now that's easier done than said (did you read it correctly? or the way it's supposed to be?), but getting away from all the noise, music, computers and everything else every once in a while can do good for you. Learning to meditate can allegedly (is that my unconsciousness talking again?) help you do the same. Calm your mind, that is.

    Opening Your Mind, Again, is not simple. Far from that. Yet, the more difficult you think it is, the more difficult it actually is. Just think about it this way - changing the way you think is possible. Fact. Act accordingly!

    EIP - Everything Is Possible.

    Have a Good Day and ... Have Your Say in the comments section below!

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