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Why shouldn't Scientology be taken seriously?

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Article by Roberto Fuzzy
Staff writer
Man in his best years (you know, for men the best years last and last and last). Writer, beer drinker, interested in anything cool and nothing whatsoever.
I mean, really? Let's get one thing straight, in huge part I don't think that scientology is much more ridiculous than christianity. They are both based on books, just published at different times. And one of them was written by a sci-fi writer.

But other than that, it's rather easy to make fun of, or contradict the teachings (as well as history lessons) from both of them.

But scientology, let's be honest, is one crazy shite-shucks. Here's why.

  • Scientology was created by L. Ron Hubbard, best known for his science fiction and fantasy stories and lately as the founder of the Church of Scientology. While I can't blame a man for trying to do this shite, after all, we all have are dreams and goals in life, I can't say anything good or even a little complimentary about the followers of the *religion*.
  • According to scientology, people are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature. This reminds me of Highlander. Hmm. He hadn't forgotten about his nature though.
  • The universe was created 75 million years ago, when the intergalactic overlord Xenu brought billions of people to Earth in spacecraft resembling Douglas DC-8 airliners.
  • Scientologists believe that psychiatry is truly evil & an industry of death.
  • In the upper level materials from L. Ron Hubbard, scientologists are taught that other religions are fake, implanted for purposes of control.
  • Scientologists are striving towards a world in which scientology is in control of all countries and people of the world. Sounds like kind of christianity wars all over again. Eh?
  • The inner doings and stuff is all a confidential in scientology. Allegedly this information will kill anyone who isn't properly prepared for it. However, Hubbard wanted to get that story made into a movie. Secrecy my arse.
  • Scientologists believe that the brain has no function.
  • The Sea Organization, or Sea Org, is a unit of the Church of Scientology, which includes about 5000 members doing their work for nominal compensation and who have signed a billion-year contract.
  • In scientology, a person who leaves is an "enemy" of the church, a "suppressive person", who may be "lied to, tricked, injured, or destroyed". (*)
  • Protesting the crimes, abuses and fraud of the Church of Scientology is "religious intolerance", it means the church is claiming those crimes, and the abuse and fraud are actually part of the religious practices of Scientology. (*)
  • Right now the church of scientology run like any business and is there to make money and get to power. That's it.

There's really a lot of nonsense in and around scientology, but for that, I suggest you to read some Hubbard's books about the topic. Might be a rather worthwhile read.

Enjoy the interview with an ex-scientologist below:

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