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Animals that are probably richer than you

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Article by Roberto Fuzzy
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Man in his best years (you know, for men the best years last and last and last). Writer, beer drinker, interested in anything cool and nothing whatsoever.
If you ever noticed yourself thinking that your life might be hard, but at least those poor animals have it harder, you might need to reconsider, as there are at least 12 animals who are probably richer than you, and who definitely don't feel your pain.

Big Tibby
This 'big' tortoise inherited £49000 after his owner fell into a garden pond.

Not to be mistaken with Conchita Wurst, but a chihuahua who inherited over £2 million plus a mansion worth more than £6 million after his owner passed away.

This dude inherited £8 million and it's a chicken!

This chimpanzee is allegedly the third richest pet in the world. She became a multi-millionaire after her owner decided to leave her £64 millions to her pet chimanzee rather than her husband.

Now, if only there was a Giraffe making waves in the rich list as well. Unfortunately that seems like a stretch. But see the infographic below for some more 'pets' who are most likely richer than you.

I love this infographic created by Cash Lady.

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