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The beginning of the 13 bloodlines of Illuminati

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Article by Jay Gory
Years of extensive research of who really control the world today is well documented. Some people call it a conspiracy theory because they don't believe such thing exist. For some it is the hidden truth, and the world must know about it for they have been hiding this as a secret for a very long time. Even our government is eager to please them, and willing to work and cooperate with them. Who are these silent controllers? What will they do if someone they want to use won't cooperate?

The Illuminati is the group behind all the things happening in our world today. They are the silent world controllers who claim to be the 1% of the world's population. They are the elite and most of them have backgrounds in royalty, politics, banking, business, and even show business. These elite are from the 13 chosen bloodlines of Atlantis. They believe they are special compared to the normal bunch in this world. They are called the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati.

The 13 Bloodlines

The Rothschild Bloodline.
The Rockefeller Bloodline
The Bundy Bloodline
The Collins Bloodline
The DuPont Bloodline
The Freeman Bloodline
The Kennedy Bloodline
The Astor Bloodline
The Li Bloodline
The Onassis Bloodline
The Reynolds Bloodline
The Russell Bloodline
The Van Duyn Bloodline

Story of Atlantis
A large nomadic ape-like human tribe was travelling in search of food, and one of their hunters saw a white buffalo and believed it was an omen and then followed it. The faithful tribe followed it faithfully after a long journey and reached a sea. The white buffalo transformed into a beautiful angel and told them to build boats in order to cross to the islands that they will find in the middle of the sea. They were asked not to go to the big island which is Atlantis. The smaller island they had reached was beautiful and it was rich in fruits and animals for food. So, they settled and built a city.

The inhabitants of the larger island - Atlantis, were always watching them, without their knowledge. The inhabitants of Atlantis were infatuated with the daughters of men, but they could not leave their island. The people from the small island would often see strange lights travelling to the bigger island. So, the curious women decided to leave the island and go to the bigger one without the men's consent. And indeed the women found the most wonderful city they could ever imagine!

These women were greeted by tall, white skinned creatures with slanted blue eyes. They were from another planet. The women were eventually seduced by these creatures and made love to them and most conceived on the first night. 13 babies were born from this. And this made God mad, as the men also went to the island. God warned the Atlantians that He would destroy the whole island if the men followed and did the same thing.

The Four Divisions of Men
The Atlantians returned to their planet and the 13 babies and the people remained. The babies were divided into four groups with specific purpose and strengths. Thus we have the four divisions of men.

The Green Thumbs. These men were in charge of the planets growth and maintaining nature's balance. They are the masters of Biology and nature. They receive green eyes.

The Architects. They were in charge of designing and the building. They are the masters of geometry and algebra and could build anything they desired. They received brown eyes. This division is the origin of the Masons.

The Teachers and Healers. They were known as the "Illuminati" to the Atlantians because they have great knowledge of people and emotions. They are wise and can learn anything quickly and are caring and compassionate. They received blue eyes.

The Decision Makers and Rulers. These were the original 13 babies. They were given power to influence and deceive. They were the chosen people to rule the world and they must keep their bloodlines pure. Their eyes can change colors, from brown to green to blue or a mixture of the three. They could also shape-shift.

These bloodlines have controlled the world since the first Egyptian pharaoh all the way until today. They were trained and ready by the time the end was near. They are now what we know the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

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