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The science of love

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Article by Jay Gory
Being one of the most universally present forces of Nature, love yet remains one of the least understood by humans. Through centuries, it has been discussed by many as a thoughtful mind and perceiving heart. It continues to be the ever-present wonder, the universal hunger in most lives; yet, it never disappears, grows old, or becomes outdated in its continued fascination of each becoming, growing, or maturing mind.

Each new life lives because of it; many cry or die because they are deprived of it. It is life’s greatest need, but it is life’s greatest Presence. Unacknowledged, nothing matures; acknowledged, everything flourishes. Like Truth, it is eternal; like Life, it is endless. Depending on the development of the individual and the emphasis of an age, it has come to be seen in different ways.

What, then, may be the root of this Universal Presence? H.P. Blavatsky’s comments on Fohat will be of help. When introducing the term in The Secret Doctrine, she draws upon the Greek god Eros to acquaint readers with this ancient Tibetan word:

Fohat, in his capacity of DIVINE LOVE (Eros), the electric Power of affinity and sympathy, is shown allegorically as trying to bring the pure Spirit, the Ray inseparable from the One absolute, into union with the Soul, the two constituting in Man the MONAD, and in Nature the first link between the ever unconditioned and the manifested…so Fohat is one thing in the yet unmanifested Universe and another in the phenomenal and Cosmic World. In the latter, he is that Occult, electric, vital power, which, under the Will of the Creative Logos, unites and brings together all forms, giving them the first impulse which becomes in time law. (Vol. I, 109,119)

Unqualified love may be seen to represent the unifying force behind all manifestation. It is Divine Electricity set in motion, on this plane of perception, by the Law of Compassion. Qualified love becomes one of the pairs of opposites- as stated in the Eighth Chapter of the Gita- “These two, light and darkness, are the world’s eternal ways.” The human soul experiences them as love and hate, Nature as electro-magnetism- attraction and repulsion.

Metaphysical Principle
Love as a metaphysical principle means that it is the source of harmony and the preserver of the good. It is ideal, not material; it is universal, not parochial; it is prefect and eternal, not particular. Beside it, everything is secondary or temporary.
Love is the Divine Power that unifies and guides all creative effort in the universe and man. In everything, it is the innate force that unites and that inherent force that leads everything toward union. In the lower kingdoms of nature, it expresses itself as the law of cohesion that causes the various forms of little lives to cling to each other or to compound to various combinations. It exhibits itself as magnetism and sympathy in minerals, plants, as affinity in chemical atoms, as attraction that charms another.

Love links human hearts and gives feeling of solidarity and warmth, leading to self-forgetfulness, devotion and self-sacrifice. As the Science of Devotion, it is expressed through the human heart and mind, thus when moved, by the law of Evolution, the Lords of Wisdom infused into him the spark of consciousness, the first feeling it awoke to life and activity was a sense of solidarity, of one-ness with his spiritual creators.

As the child’s first feeling is for its mother and nurse, so the first aspirations of the awakening consciousness in primitive man were for those whose element he felt within himself, and who yet were outside, and independent of him. Devotion arose out of that feeling, and became the first and foremost motor in his nature; for it is the only one which is natural in our heart, which is innate in us, and which we find alike in human babies and the young of the animal (Secret Doctrine I, 210).

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