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Three Weirdest Conspiracy Theories

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Article by Roberto Fuzzy
Staff writer
Man in his best years (you know, for men the best years last and last and last). Writer, beer drinker, interested in anything cool and nothing whatsoever.
Conspiracy theories - two words that if mentioned in any given conversation send people looking away in an effort to ward off being bombarded with absurd theories about the assassination of one Fred Hampton and how alien reptiles will soon take over the entire world or perhaps how Stephen king murdered John Lennon.

Truth is that these conspiracies do exist and are here to stay, as it is quite impossible to discard them altogether. Strong believers will always come up with one way or another of rationalizing away any twenty four carat evidence that contradicts their beliefs. Shockingly enough, some of them actually have some element of truth. These days, even those who formerly believed that conspiracy theories are only for deranged hermits who have formed a habit of waking up at wee hours of the nights just too stack their minds with such theories, are actually starting to believe in them.

Well, everyone has their own beliefs, but some of them are just too unconventional and weird for life.

1. The mars conspiracy
The mars conspiracy has notably been roaming around the earth for years now. So people keep on cursing and swallowing gulps of bitterness each time photos of the Martian surface fly back to earth showing nothing but ugly rocks and dry sand. This implies that Mars is probably still lifeless. All the same, there exists credible evidence that the planet was at one point populated, a famous case is that of the pyramids that sit on an area dabbed cydonnia.

This alleged evidence is not in itself sufficient in any way to show that life once existed in mars. Still, the several pyramids raise eyebrows. Guess NASA still needs to dig out certain mysteries surrounding the mars conspiracy and clear people's doubts finally. Or maybe the landing craft sent by British to explore any possible signs of life could have been sabotaged by "the people of mars" ...who knows?

2. Alien reptiles are taking over the world
This is another stupidly bizarre conspiracy theory created by a BBC reporter named David Icke. He actually released a statement saying that reptilian humanoids are the single strongest force behind a conspiracy well known to the whole world, aimed at luring and ultimately dominating humanity.

He contends that a huge number of world leaders including Hillary Clinton and the British royal family are related to blood drinking reptilians who are members of the alpha draconis star system. As if his conspiracy is not strange enough he went on to host Christine Fitzgerald who went on to state that the late princess of Wales herself had told her that all members of the royal family were reptilians (And Elvis did no drugs!).

3. The moon landing is a total fake
Here is another golden nugget suggesting that the moon landing is a total fake. It really was a fake - take a trip down town and see if you will not bump into a psycho believing in this absurd story. According to them, the whole thing was about camera tricks. And just how would that theory explain the American flag hoisted on the moon's surface? Without a doubt, the twelve Apollo astronauts would not forget a single moment they spent floating on the moon's surface. Then again, can anyone prove their memories were not implanted into their brains?

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