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Top 13: The most bizarre religions in the world

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Article by Jay Gory
Religion has always been a "Controversial” word from the history to the present of the Mankind. Some associate it to the natural and some of the supernatural world. Many mixes it with the spirituality. There are some widely followed and embedded religions in the world but on the other hand there are some bizarre and horrifying religions which are known as cult religions and followed by a few religious groups and people. Below are mentioned some weird religions which are or were prevalent in the world at some point.

  1. Nuwaubianism
    This tops the weirdest religions list and was started by Dwight York in 1970. The beliefs of this religion are crazy and non-sense ranging from whites was born to serve as slaves to the blacks but something went wrong and the whole of the things messed up. Women came before men and existed for many generations before they invented men through genetic influence.

  2. The Church of Euthanasia
    Kris Corda gave birth to this popular political organization which believed in making a balance between the humans and the remaining species. They also believed in 4 principles of sodomy, cannibalism, suicide and abortion.

  3. Jediism
    Jedi is a monk who possess “Force” which is capable of binding the whole of the universe together. George Lucas gave birth to this religion with his “Star movies” series and this religious moment was started by the followers who actually believe that force exists. This religion is more or less similar to Christianity.

  4. Woodism
    This religion was started by the people who were saved by the American film director Ed wood. The main theme of this religion is to dress opposite to your sex as Wood employed many such characters in his films.

  5. Church of Sub Genius
    This parody religion was started by J.R Bob Dobbs and this religion has been accepted and promoted on the college campus and pop culture. This religion promotes slack, satirizes religions, cultures and UFO’s.

  6. Nation Of Yahweh
    The fundamental belief of this religion is that the black Afro Americans are the real Israelites and should be brought back to the Israel whereas the whites presently living in the Israel are white devils and have occupied the land of the blacks.

  7. Church of All Worlds
    This religion was founded by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart along with his wife Morning Glory and this religion evolved from a group of lovers and friends who were inspired by the same fictional religion in a science novel” Stranger in a strange land”.

  8. Universe People
    The Czech Republican Ivo Benda created this religion. He was capable of communicating telepathically with the extraterrestrial civilizations that were coursing around the earth's surface. He also believed in transporting the people to the different dimension.

  9. Prince Philip Movement
    The Vanuatu’s Yaohnanen tribe believed that the Prince Philip was a divine man and according to the ancient legend will travel to distant lands and marries powerful women before returning. They recognized the Queen Elizabeth II as the powerful women and worshipped Philip.

  10. The Oneida Community
    The Oneida community was established in 1948 in New York by John Humphrey Noyes. All the members of the community are married to each other and believe that they can have sexual intercourse at any time. They see this as a way of achieving the spiritualism and heaven.

  11. Pastafarians
    It is an officially registered religion and started with the flying Spaghetti Monster who with the cooperation of the pirates brought the good on the earth.

  12. Apathesim
    This religion is similar to atheism with one prominent difference while an atheist will start believing in God if He appears whereas an apathetic says he does not care if God comes and knocks his door.

  13. International Peace Mission
    This religion does not have many followers and was started by an Afro American who claimed to be God. He taught and preached economic independence and civil rights.

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