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Top 10 reasons why not trust Fox News

Published under Politics

Article by Jay Gory
Media plays a crucial role by keeping everyone abreast with the latest information and trends. News channel plays an integral part of life. They display national and international news elaborately so that you come to know any "hot topic" occurring in the world. Certain things are to be kept in mind before following any news channel. Fox news channel is a cable channel owned by Fox entertainment Group and was launched in the USA in October 1996. Various drawbacks and shortcomings are attached if you are following or watching fox news.

  1. Biased Reporting. The channel has been involved in biased reporting on plenty of occasions. Basically it operates from a New York studio. Many clips and memos have been included in the documentaries in which editorial vice president John Moody was captured giving the guidelines to the staff on how to report certain subjects. Another incident cited vice president Bill Samon acting as Pro Republican Party bias.

  2. Tempering Quotes. Fox news channel has been criticized for cropping the quotes of the President Barrack Obama, Vice President Biden and Gore so that they appear out of context.

  3. Image Exploitation. Fox news channel has been alleged for manipulating the images of the reporters of the New York Times and using a fake recording for the November 5 tea party rally in Washington D.C. The recording was intended to show a large number of protesters attending the rally.

  4. Misrepresentation and Misleading. Fox news also called the attention of the critics for showcasing questionable graphics in its December 4 publication of Fox and Friends. The poll on climate change totaling to 120 was shown on this channel.

  5. Conservative Political Positions. On various occasions fox news indulged in promoting conservative political positions and situation as claimed by “Media Matters of America”.

  6. Repetition. The news channel has been famous for repeating single news or showing too may re-run segments again and again. Viewers found it useful to watch only for 15 minutes per day and they will be through the whole day news.

  7. Idiotic Guests. Fox news invites too many generic guests which are no longer appealing to the General public. The fox news casters give too much credibility and importance to the lawyers. These lawyers babble nothing but law and order. This country is very well accomplished in its Jurisdiction and Command and knows how to maintain peace and security.

  8. Commercials. The news coverage on this channel is only for 3-4 minutes and then segments of news follow. You can have an idea regarding the quantum of commercials shown in one hour or per day. 3-4 minutes is the average attention gaining time for a viewer.
  9. Secondary Coverage. The news channel has been condemned for covering unimportant news instead of the main business. Various incidents have been reported regarding this.

  10. Exaggeration. Fox news has been blamed of exaggeration and overstatement regarding Sarah Palin and John Kerry which resulted in tarnishing their reputation and public standing.

In total there are no positive points attached with Fox news and it is totally a waste of time and resources. People and audience should not follow such a channel in any case.

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