Kids cook-off
Everybody these days wants to have their own TV show

Large rocks and asteroids
What goes for Brazil nuts goes for asteroids, says a team of scientists.

Airlines Flight 17
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a Boeing 777, was shot down over Ukraine.

AARP Travel
Itäs a new way to plan and book your trips.

Animals that are probably richer than you
By Roberto Fuzzy

If you ever noticed yourself thinking that your life might be hard, but at least those poor animals have it harder, you might need to reconsider, as there are at least 12 animals who are probably richer than you, and who definitely don't feel your pain. Big Tibby This 'big' tortoise inherited £49000 after his owner fell into a garden pond. Conchita Not to be mistaken with Conchita Wurst, but a chihuahua who inherited over £2 million plus a mansion worth more than £6 million after his owner passed away. Gigoo This dude inherited £8 million and it's a chicken! Kalu This chimpanzee is allegedly the third richest pet in the world. She became a multi-millionaire after her owner decided to leave her £64 millions to her pet chimanzee rather than her husband. Now, if only there was a Giraffe making waves in the rich list as well. Unfortunately that seems like a stretch. But se...

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Hillarious impressions by Pablo Francisco
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Ken Block's Ultimate Ride through Streets of San Francisco
Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 features a focus on fast, raw and precise driving action. Filmed over four days, director Ben Conrad and his team are back to wo...

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Waiting for my Real Life to Begin - Colin Hay
Isn't that what many of us are still waiting? Stop, and start living. "When I awoke today suddenly nothing happened But in my dreams I slew the dragon And down this beaten path ...

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Anderson Cooper’s Most Dramatic Moments
Anderson Cooper is best known for his reporting from the field. ...

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Animals that are probably richer than you
By Roberto Fuzzy
If you ever noticed yourself thinking that your life might be hard, but at least those poor animals have it harder, you might need to reconsider, as there are at least 12 animals who are probably richer than you, and who definitely don't feel your pain.


Kids to have a chance to have their very own series
By Jay Gory
Everybody these days wants to have their own TV show, be it a reality, talk show, or even a drama, most of us really wouldn't mind being in one. But not many of us actually get the chance to have one. However, Food Network is doing their best to help people wi...

Scientists Discover Reason for Large Rocks Covering Asteroids
By Jay Gory
What goes for Brazil nuts goes for asteroids, says a team of scientists.

Detailed photographs of the asteroid Itokawa, taken in 2005 by a Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa, revealed that its surface is covered with many large rocks, most probably ejected by its ...

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing 298
By Jay Gory
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a Boeing 777, was shot down by a surface-to-air missile on Thursday according to US officials, over disputed eastern Ukraine by an unidentified party.

The flight, which departed Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in The Netherlands at 1...

Pack More Into Every Trip
By Jay Gory
AARP, a nonpartisan organization, nonprofit that does its best to help people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, has just recently launched a new website called AARP Travel to help people pack more into every trip. The intention behind the we...

Living Abroad for the First Time
By Roberto Fuzzy
Those who are planning to relocate for a long time, for example a year, should take into consideration lots of things and not forget anything. Here are some tips for you to follow, so that you will have time to think about everything.

Traveling abroad is o...

Help your community become a better place
By Jay Gory
In every community, at any moment, there are things that could be better, things that could make life more worth living for someone, things that would improve the quality of life for everyone in your neighborhood. These opportunities for improvements, exist ev...

Flappy Bird and the Science of Game Addiction
By Jay Gory
First it was BeJeweled, then Angry Birds, then Candy Crush, and now Flappy Bird. There always seems to be that one game, that fast paced, addictive, action packed game that one and all ones friends play whether ones a hardcore gamer or one hasn't bought a vide...

Russian Punk Rockers Pussy Riot Produce 'Protest Music Video'
By Jay Gory
Russian Punk Rockers Pussy Riot released a video for their latest single.It includes violent footage of the brightly clad girls being whipped by Cossacks as well as clips of protest performances during the Winter Olympic Games.

It's called "Putin Will Teach...

Team Kellogg's to Team USA
By Jay Gory
Six athletes from Team Kellogg's, after tough qualifications and trials, managed to make it to Team USA, and go to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games to represent U.S.A. All together the Team USA includes 230 athletes. The athletes from Team Kellogg's who made it...

News / USA US Authorities Seize Thousands of Fake Super Bowl Items
By Jay Gory
U.S. law enforcement authorities say they have seized more than 200,000 counterfeit Super Bowl souvenir items and arrested 50 people in an effort to combat copyright infringement.

The seizures and arrests were announced Thursday at a news conference in New ...

The fight for $50 000
By Jay Gory
There will be laughing, there will be fighting, there will be cooking, and there will be demanding challenges when Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off comes back for the third season on Food Network.

Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri, both known television persona...

'Earliest' Buddhist Shrine Discovered
By Jay Gory
Archeologists have found what they’re calling the “earliest” Buddhist shrine yet discovered.

The shrine, which they say dates back to the sixth century B.C., also pushes the date of the Buddha’s birth back 300 years, as it was widely thought he was born in ...

Police announce rescue of three women held captive in London home for 30 years
By Jay Gory
London's Metropolitan Police announced yesterday they conducted an operation last month to rescue three women held as slaves for thirty years in a house in Lambeth, south London. They were freed on October 25 after one of the women reported her situation to a ...

MGM Grand - Your Entertainment Authority
By Jay Gory
David Copperfield, KÀ by Cirque du Soleil, Brad Garrett, nationally televised boxing events, and concerts by the biggest names in the business, 80 000 square feet nightclub that spans over five floors - these are just some things you can expect to experience w...

The beginning of the 13 bloodlines of Illuminati
By Jay Gory
Years of extensive research of who really control the world today is well documented. Some people call it a conspiracy theory because they don't believe such thing exist. For some it is the hidden truth, and the world must know about it for they have been hidi...

The science of love
By Jay Gory
Being one of the most universally present forces of Nature, love yet remains one of the least understood by humans. Through centuries, it has been discussed by many as a thoughtful mind and perceiving heart. It continues to be the ever-present wonder, the univ...

Climb For Memory
By Jay Gory
Alzheimer's is a disease none of us wishes for ourselves nor for anyone else we know. Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia, currently without any cure. With 26.6 million people suffering from the disease in 2006, it is estimated that by 2050 1 in 85...

Top 13: The most bizarre religions in the world
By Jay Gory
Religion has always been a "Controversial” word from the history to the present of the Mankind. Some associate it to the natural and some of the supernatural world. Many mixes it with the spirituality. There are some widely followed and embedded religions in t...

Top 10 reasons why not trust Fox News
By Jay Gory
Media plays a crucial role by keeping everyone abreast with the latest information and trends. News channel plays an integral part of life. They display national and international news elaborately so that you come to know any "hot topic" occurring in the world...

Why Drama?
By Siim Einfeldt
If you were to ask this question from actors or drama schools, they would be telling you that this might be one of the most important assets to learn, it gives a way to learn to figure out the way other people think. The way they communicate and the way they f...

Three Weirdest Conspiracy Theories
By Roberto Fuzzy
Conspiracy theories - two words that if mentioned in any given conversation send people looking away in an effort to ward off being bombarded with absurd theories about the assassination of one Fred Hampton and how alien reptiles will soon take over the entire...

Mountain resorts, free skiing and Subaru XV Crosstrek
By Jay Gory
What do they all have in common? The answer is XV Crosstrek Run.

Subaru of America, marketing and distribution company for Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive vehicles together with manufacturer of skis, ski boots and skiing accessories, Nordica, have just...

Americans without guns?
By Jay Gory
Can anyone really imagine that? If you're a gun owner right now, chances are you definitely can't imagine that. But to tell you the truth, even if you aren't, I have a feeling you've gotten so used to the guns-in-everyones-hands that the possible reality doesn...

The 13 Christmas & Chanukah comparisons
By Jay Gory
This was sent to me recently. Original author unknown.

(Just in case anyone asks you what the differences between Christmas and Chanukah, you will know what and how to answer).

1. Christmas is one day, same day every year, December 25. Jews also love Dec...


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